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Peter Fleming is the creator of innovative and hi-tech products for wellness and comfort since 1982 for athletes and sedentary.
He was awarded three times Lépine contest and SISEL.
The Peter Fleming products are designed to fight against the rain, cold, humidity ... but are not limited to playing golf.
After in-depth research over a year, Peter Fleming created in November 2010 and the ionic magnetic bracelet, magnetic flagship product range developed thereafter. His success with its effectiveness has earned its place in pharmacy.
Peter Fleming continues its development in active and intelligent textiles, to relieve muscle inflammation, and combat fatigue: elbow pads, knee pads and other textile magnetic support.
Our magnetic products are particularly popular with top athletes like Thomas Levet (Winner of the Open de France in 2011), or Hamid Belhaj (Champion of France Marathon 2010), which both carry the bracelets to relieve their pain.
Peter Fleming is the innovator of his debut, forever more comfort and well-being of athletes.